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International Advisory Board

Comprising UNC-Chapel Hill alumni and friends, the International Advisory Board champions and supports the vision of Carolina as the nation’s leading university arts presenter. It is with profound gratitude that we thank these outstanding volunteers.


Patricia Morton, Chair

Wyndham Robertson, C0-Vice Chair
Chapel Hill

Michael Shindler, Co-Vice Chair
Orlando, Fla.

Fred Beaujeu-Dufour
Clinton, NC

Maribel Carrion
Chapel Hill

Lisa Church
New York, NY

Catherine Coley

Kathi Eason

Chancellor Carol Folt, ex-officio
Chapel Hill

Joan Gillings
Chapel Hill

Renee Grisham

Emil Kang, ex-officio
Chapel Hill

Betty P. Kenan
Chapel Hill

Mary Friday Leadbetter

Michael Lee
Chapel Hill

Anne C. Liptzin
Chapel Hill

James Moeser, Chair Emeritus
Chapel Hill

Paula Davis Noell
Chapel Hill

Josie Ward Patton
Chapel Hill

Earl N. Phillips, Jr.
Chapel Hill

Sharon Rothwell
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Michael Tiemann
Chapel Hill