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Basil Twist, puppeteer, with Orchestra of St. Luke’s

On Basil Twist

| by Butch Garris |
When you hear the word puppet you probably think of a marionette, a sock covered hand, Sesame Street, or maybe even your favorite Muppet. I did, too, until I met Basil Twist about a year ago.
Basil came to Memorial Hall for a week in March 2012 to begin working on his Rite of… Read More >

Basil Twist: A Genius, With Many A String Attached

Basil Twist has been called a genius. The art he’s a genius at? Puppetry — which he knows can be a hard sell.
“It’s not of this time,” he says. “It’s not of the world we live in now.”
But Twist, a highly trained practitioner, brings this art of the past to… Read More >

Orchestra of St. Luke’s to play on Staten Island on Saturday

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Orchestra of St. Luke’s, one of the city’s celebrated classical ensembles, may have solved problem of attracting new audiences.
The strategy is: Give people a taste for free, attach a worthy cause to the concert, and offer homemade ice-cream sandwiches… Read More >