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Free Events

Carolina Performing Arts invites you to connect with internationally known musicians, emerging artists and legendary performers. Through activities ranging from masterclasses, pre- and post-performance discussions, symposia, course connections and artist talks, our engagement programs strive to encourage connections that reach beyond the stage.

Past Events


Combat Paper Project

January 30-31
Gerrard Hall


This unique program brings together campus and community to support veterans. The award-winning program turns pieces of uniform worn in service into handmade paper.

?We use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniform as art and share our collective responsibilities and understanding of military service and warfare,? says Drew Cameron, co-founder of Combat Paper Project.
Through papermaking workshops, veterans use their uniforms worn in service to create works of art. The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp and formed into sheets of paper. Participants use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniforms as art and express their experiences with the military.

The Combat Paper Project is based in San Francisco, CA with affiliate paper mills in New Jersey, New York and Nevada. The project has traveled to Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Kosovo providing workshops, exhibitions, performances and artists’ talks.

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Celebrating Congo

A public Forum featuring Petna Ndaliko Katondolo, Ray Lema, and Faustin Linyekula

5:00 PM | April 1, 2015

In collaboration with UNC?s Music Department, Carolina Performing Arts brings three of Congo?s most exciting artists to Chapel Hill for a weeklong residency exploring the profound humanity, spirit, and artistic allure of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Eclectic world music pianist/ composer Ray Lema, leading African dancer/choreographer Faustin Linyekula, and internationally acclaimed filmmaker/activist Petna Ndaliko Katondolo will engage in micro-performances, installations, and public conversations navigating Congo?s vibrant living traditions through sound, movement, and image. The resulting forum will offer audiences a unique opportunity to take part in the development of an exhilarating work in progress that may culminate in a future Carolina Performing Arts-commissioned performance.



The Process Series: ICE Music

icemusicComposed by Lowell Liebermann | Choreographed by Carey McKinley | Videography by Brooks de Wetter-Smith

Time: 8:00PM | September 12 & 13 
FedEx Global Education Center

Ice Music is a multimedia work for chamber music ensemble, video, and dance. It creatively explores various aspects of ice ? its structure, power, fragility, and interaction with animal life and human presence.

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Performance & Gender: An Afternoon with Taylor Mac

1pm | October 2
Taylor_MacGerrard Hall

Taylor Mac is a renowned artist who explores – and challenges – definitions of gender through performance. For one day, Taylor Mac will take the stage not to sing or dance, but to share his thoughts on gender, identity and performance with UNC Scholars.

Week of Welcome: Student Memorial Hall Open House

5:30pm-7:30pm | Aug 19
Memorial Hall

Join Carolina Performing Arts for the annual Memorial Hall Open House. With free gelato from Sugarland, food trucks, live music, giveaways and backstage tours, this is the best way to start the school year. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how they can get involved with Carolina Performing Arts.

Casting Call for Liz Magic Laser

4-6PM | June 11
Gerrard Hall

We are searching for performers with an interest in analyzing, developing and performing movement based on current events as they are conveyed online. The movement will range from realistic to stylized interpretations of internet news. We will be looking at the connection of gesture and posture to emotion, character and empathy. Experience in either dance, acting, writing or visual art would be helpful. The development process will involve daily rehearsals September 4 to 14. The scheduling / time commitment is flexible and there will be a small honorarium. Interested participants please contact Liz at to confirm attendance at the audition on Wednesday, June 11 at 4pm.

Click here for more information 

Arts@TheCore Academic Integration Workshops

Throughout the year, Arts@TheCore hosts faculty workshops to discuss ways to integrate the performing arts into the academic mission of the entire university. This summer Joy Kasson, the Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Scholar for Carolina Performing Arts, will host workshops on July 11th and August 11th. Topics will include:

  • Discussion of collaboration and creativity
  • Identification of academic themes
  • Presentation of best practices for teaching with the performing arts
  • Procedures for incorporating performances or artist visits as part of an academic program
  • Ideas for faculty-led activities to enrich the campus discussion around performances

Participation is free and open to all UNC faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Workshops take place from 10am-2pm and lunch will be provided. To register, click here. For more information, contact

New Orleans Brass Band Symposium

5:00PM – 8:00PM | August 22


2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Southern Folklife Collection, one of the nation?s foremost archives of Southern vernacular music, art, and culture, available for research in the University?s Wilson Special Collections Library.

As part of the Southern Folklife Festival, we are hosting two evenings of concerts in Memorial Hall, a New Orleans Brass Band Symposium on UNC?s campus and a Saturday afternoon of lectures and performances in Carrboro, NC.

Click here for more information and a schedule of events.

Artist Lecture and Conversation with Liz Magic Laser

6:00pm | September 4
Hanes Art Center Auditorium

New York based performance artist Liz Magic Laser will present a lecture on her new work, From North Carolina to South Korea, followed by an on-stage conversation with Cary Levine, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History at UNC. A reception will follow the event.

Big Ballads of the Modern Heart: Sidney Lanier and Early American Wagnerism

A lecture by Alex Ross of The New Yorker
Presented in conjunction with the Institute for Arts and Humanities.

4:15 PM | April 4
Gerrard Hall

Richard Wagner, in his later years, often spoke of immigrating to America. While that improbable dream never became reality, American culture nonetheless fell under Wagner’s sway during the Gilded Age, as the “Tannhäuser” Overture resounded at White House functions and Metropolitan Opera audiences formed a Wagner cult. This lecture will focus particularly on the poet Sidney Lanier, who praised Wagner’s “big ballads of modern heart”; Walt Whitman and Mark Twain’s comments on Wagner will also enter the discussion.

Alex Ross has been the music critic of The New Yorker since 1996. His first book, The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, won a National Book Critics Circle Award and the Guardian First Book Award, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


Program Notes LIVE: Jodee Nimerichter on Cloud Gate

Jodee NimerichterFeaturing American Dance Festival Director Jodee Nimerichter
6:30 pm | April 2
Historic Playmakers Theatre

ADF Director Jodee Nimerichter joins Carolina Performing Arts for a special Program Notes LIVE on the dance and style of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan.

Mindfulness, Art, and Tradition: A Conversation with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

A collaboration between Carolina Performing Arts and the UNC School of Social Work
12 PM | March 31
Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building

Members of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan will join students and faculty from the UNC School of Social Work to share their perspectives on maintaining mindfulness in everyday life and through their art. Questions about reverence, meditation, and motion will be addressed in this seminar, with intentional correlations between meditative art and the helping professions. 

Cloud Gate requires dancers to receive training in meditation, breathing exercises, and calligraphy in addition to ballet, modern dance, and martial arts. Members of the company learn to blend traditional Asian approaches to mindfulness with modern Western dance and movement techniques. Join us on Monday, March 31 at noon for a unique opportunity to hear from the artists themselves about ways to consider mindfulness in artistic and professional practice.

Dance Masterclass with STREB

STREB - Forces!

12:30-2:00 PM | March 19
Location: TBA

Members of STREB will teach an action-packed masterclass to dance students from the campus and community in advance of their STREB-Forces! performance in Memorial Hall. Admission is free and open to the public, but reservations for participation the class are required. For more information, please email

Dance Masterclass with Compagnie Käfig


Spring 2014 Masterclass Series
12:30-2 pm | February 24
Gerrard Hall

Join Geovane Fidelis Da Conceica of Compagnie Käfig and dancers of all levels for an interactive, hip-hop masterclass on Monday, February 24 from 12:30-2:00 PM in UNC’s Gerrard Hall. For participation  information, please email


Moving Bodies, Moving Minds: Border-Crossing in a Globalized Community

3 pm | February 24
Graham Memorial 039

ArtsatthecoreAn Arts@TheCore event, this student-faculty panel will focus on thinking about borders as imaginary spaces that have real consequences for individuals as they traverse them, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Topics will include attempts to “humanize” imagined or artificial borders, research on global borders, and personal journey narratives.


Stephanie Griest (Creative Writing)
Susan Harbage Page (Women’s Studies)


Program Notes LIVE: Stephen Anderson on Wayne Shorter

Featuring UNC Professor of Music Stephen Anderson
7 pm | February 21Gerrard Hall

Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson’s compositions have been performed widely by American jazz ensembles, and he continues to be an active jazz instructor, clinician, and performer at UNC and throughout the world. Join Prof. Anderson for an exciting lecture-demonstration on the music of Wayne Shorter, immediately preceding the evening’s performance of the Wayne Shorter Quartet in Memorial Hall.


Program Notes LIVE: A Conversation with Harry Bicket

With Conductor Harry Bicket of The English Concert
and UNC Music Professor Anne MacNeil
6:30pm | January 30
Gerrard HallHarry Bicket

Harry Bicket, celebrated conductor of The English Concert, appears in Gerrard Hall immediately prior to the performance of Handel’s TheodoraUNC Professor of Music Anne MacNeil joins Mr. Bicket for an interactive question-and-answer session about principles of early music performance, instruments, and specific challenges related to Theodora.

The Theodora Experience: Sense and Sound from the 18th Century

An Arts@TheCore Panel Discussion
Featuring UNC Music Professor Annegret Fauser
5:30-7:30 PM | January 27
Gerrard Hall

Baroque InstrumentsThis panel discussion will focus on “imagining the past,” in terms of both Handel’s imagining of his 1749 opera Theodora, and 21st-century listeners’ imagining of 18th-century period music. Join UNC music professor Annegret Fauser and area faculty members from across the disciplines as they discuss their own musical, historical, political, and religious imaginings of Theodora.

An Arts@TheCore event, this discussion is also part of the 2014 North Carolina HIP Music Festival and will precede Carolina Performing Arts’ January 30 presentation of Theodora, with Harry Bicket and The English Concert.


Jeanne Fischer (UNC Department of Music)
Mi Gyung Kim (NCSU Department of History)
Chad Ludington (NCSU Department of History)
Adam Versenyi (UNC Department of Dramatic Art)
Brent Wissick (UNC Department of Music)

String Masterclass with Joseph Crouch

Joseph Crouch Spring 2014 Masterclass Series
Time TBD | January 29


Joseph Crouch, principal cellist of The English Concert, conducts a masterclass with UNC string students on Wednesday, January 29 (Time TBD).

Program Notes LIVE: With the Creator of The Manganiyar Seduction

A conversation with Director Roysten Abel and UNC Professor Afroz Taj 
6:30pm | November 4
Historic Playmakers Theatre

Manganiyar Seduction - Roysten Abel at Melbourne

Roysten Abel first encountered the Manganiyars in a Delhi slum, in search of folk musicians for a tour in Spain. Two agreed to accompany him, and to his amazement, they followed him everywhere he went for two weeks, serenading him from dawn to dusk. Transformed and “seduced” by this experience, Abel was inspired to create The Manganiyar Seduction.

Join us before the performance to hear directly from Roysten Abel about his journey through the creation of this mesmerizing work and the inspiration behind the performance.

This event is free and open to the public before the performance of The Manganiyar Seduction.

Program Notes LIVE: The Goldberg Variations in Context

with Prof. Tim Carter, UNC Department of Music
6:30pm | October 23
Gerrard Hall

When Bach’s so-called “Goldberg” Variations (1741) entered the keyboard canon in the early nineteenth century, it did so surrounded by myths (including the origins of its name) and by confusion over whether it was pretty salon music for young ladies to practice or a masterpiece of compositional virtuosity. More recent performers have fought over the instrument on which it might legitimately be performed. To answer the question of how this work has generated such misunderstanding and controversy is to get closer to what it actually does and why it matters.

Discovering the Higgs Boson: Physics and Dance

4pm | October 10
University Room, Hyde Hall

12pm | October 11
Gerrard Hall

How does the movement of the human body help us to understand the world of subatomic particles? Yale physicist Sarah Demers and choreographer Emily Coates come to Chapel Hill to share the results of their collaboration relating dance and theoretical physics. On October 10, Demers and Coates will offer an illustrated lecture, ?Innovation and Discovery in Physics and Dance.? Their October 11 portion will feature  a movement workshop, ?Dancing the Higgs Boson.?

Sarah Demers, Department of Physics, Yale University

Sarah Demers is a member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.  Her group’s focus is on the trigger for the experiment and on using tau leptons to discover and characterize particles, including the Higgs boson.

Emily Coates, Department of Theatre Studies, Yale University
Emily Coates, Department of Theater Studies, Yale University

Emily Coates has directed the dance studies curriculum at Yale since its inception in 2006. In 199 she received the School of American Ballet’s Wein Award for Outstanding Promise, and joined New York City Ballet. She has performed with NYCB (1992-98), Mikhail Baryshnikov (1998-2002), Twyla Tharp (2001-03), and Yvonne Rainer (2006 – present), among others.

Program Notes LIVE: Jazz at the Juncture: Wynton Marsalis and Creation of The Sacred Jazz Monument

with Dr. Anthony KelleyProfessor of the Practice of Music, Duke University

7pm | October 4
Historic Playmakers Theatre


In the second Program Notes LIVE event of the Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra series, Professor Anthony Kelley discusses the creation of the “sacred jazz monument” in large-scale religious works by Wynton Marsalis. Kelley, who has been a member of the Duke music faculty since 2000, was previously Composer-in-Residence for the Richmond Symphony, under a grant from Meet the Composer. A composer of both film and symphonic music, Kelley’s compositions have also been performed by the Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, North Carolina, Oakland East Bay, Marin (CA) and San Antonio symphony orchestras.

Program Notes LIVE: 200 Years of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York

with Dr. Genna Rae McNeil, UNC Department of History
and Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman, Director of Black Church Studies, Duke Divinity School

6:30pm | October 3
Historic Playmakers Theatre

13-14 JLCO PNL - McNeil Turman

In the first of two Program Notes LIVE events for Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, UNC History Professor Genna Rae McNeil talks about her upcoming book, WITNESS: Two Centuries of African American Faith and Practice at the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem, New York. Dr. McNeil will be joined at the podium by newly-appointed Director of Black Church Studies at Duke Divinity School, Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman, who recently served as an assistant minister at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

A Conversation with Brooklyn Rider: “Creating a 21st Century Almanac”

with Colin Jacobsen, Eric Jacobsen, Nicholas Cords, and Heidi Kim

4-5:30pm | September 16
Gerrard Hall

Brooklyn Rider Image 02 - credit SarahSmall.jpg

Using the latest digital technologies, acclaimed string quartet Brooklyn Rider is assembling Almanac, a resource for viewers and listeners that will provide references to other works of art that inspire them in their creation of path-breaking music. Almanac pays tribute to the early twentieth-century Blaue Reiter, the landmark modernist collective from which Brooklyn Rider takes their name. Join us for an afternoon of visual images, a brief music performance, and a conversation with Brooklyn Rider. Professors Joy Kasson, Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Scholar for Carolina Performing Arts, and Heidi Kim, Department of English & Comparative Literature, will lead this vibrant discussion. At the end of the session, Brooklyn Rider will issue a unique challenge to the Carolina community.

Please join us on September 16 for the first event in Carolina Performing Arts? signature Arts@TheCore series.

Program Notes LIVE: Spring Dance

with choreographer Susan Jaffe

7pm | April 20
Faculty Lounge, UNC Campus Y
Join us for a conversation with UNC School of the Arts Dean of Dance Susan Jaffe, in a conversation about her new work Polovtsian Dances, performed by UNCSA as part of The Rite of Spring at 100.

The Process Series: The Elektra Project

adaptation by Haymaker & muiscal collaborator Jenavieve Varga

7:30pm | April 22-23
Swain Hall
Is this a tupperware party? Is that girl singing opera in the kitchen? There?s blood everywhere? Haymaker and violinist/composer Jenavieve Varga of Chapel Hill band Lost in the Trees team up to build a new adaptation of Elektra. An American family. Bad dreams. Retribution. And matricide.

The Arts at Carolina

with Executive Director of the Arts Emil Kang

3pm | April 19
Beginning at UNC Visitors? Center, Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
Join our executive director Emil Kang for a walking tour, as part of the Priceless Gem Tour. It will begin at UNC Visitors? Center, located inside the west entrance of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, and will last about an hour.  The tour is FREE and open to the public, and no reservations are required. For questions, or in case of inclement weather, please call UNC Visitors? Center at 919-962-1630.

The Rite of Spring Post-Performance Discussion

with Basil Twist, puppeteer

After the premiere | April 12
Memorial Hall
Immediately following the program of world premieres, join creator Basil Twist for a post show discussion about The Rite of Spring, Pulcinella, and Fireworks. Don’t miss this great opportunity to speak with the artist about his new works.

Isadore Duncan’s Modernist Pose: Looking Back and to The Rite

with Carrie Preston, Professor of English and of women?s, gender, and sexuality studies at Boston University

3:30pm | April 9
Hyde Hall University Room

Isadora Duncan is often described as the “mother of modern dance” who brought innovative, free movement to the stage but left no lasting legacy or technique for modernism. Carrie Preston argues that Duncan derived her new dance by looking back to ancient, classical traditions that were a crucial part of the modernist movement. Antimodern primitivism coexisted with modernism’s emphasis on novelty, and Duncan influenced figures like Vaslav Nijinsky, whose Rite of Spring, shares her technique and backward glance to the primitive. This free, public lecture is part of The Rite of Spring at 100, a collaboration between the IAH and Carolina Performing Arts.

Program Notes LIVE: The Rite of Spring with a Twist

with Basil Twist, puppeteer

7pm | April 7
Gerrard Hall
Join Carolina Performing Arts for an intimate conversation with master puppeteer, Basil Twist. One of the most creative performers in contemporary theater, works with every conceivable element, including wind and smoke. Sunday night, he will discuss the development and upcoming premiere of his new Rite of Spring (premiering April 12-13), and show video clips of his other works. We are pleased to offer complimentary gelato from Sugarland at this event. For more information, click here.

Human Canvas: The Holi Festival as a ‘Rite of Spring’

with Vijay Iyer and Prashant Bhargava, led by Afroz Taj

5pm | March 27
Faculty Lounge, UNC Campus Y
Join UNC professor Afroz Taj as he moderates a discussion about Holi, the Hindu festival of colors that celebrates the arrival of spring. The talk will feature celebrated composer/pianist Vijay Iyer and award-winning filmmaker Prashant Bhargava. The two artists collaborated on the Carolina Performing Arts commission of RADHE RADHE: Rites of Holi, which captures the Hindu ?rite of spring?. The talk will explore the Holi festival, its history, and the context in which it’s celebrated. Presented in partnership with the UNC Campus Y.

Post Performance Discussion: RADHE RADHE: Rites of Holi

with Vijay Iyer, Prashant Bhargava and members of the International Contemporary Ensemble

After the performance | March 26
Memorial Hall
After the premiere of RADHE RADHE: Rites of Holi, join us for a conversation with the artists as they discuss the new work. Included in the discussion are composer/pianist Vijay Iyer and filmmaker Prashant Bhargava, as well as members of International Contemporary Ensemble Claire Chase (artistic director and flutist), Joshua Rubin (program director) and Ross Karre (percussionist). The talk will elaborate on the creative process behind the collaborative work commissioned by Carolina Performing Arts.

Screening: PATANG

with Prashant Bhargava, director

6:30 pm | March 25
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, FedEx Global Education Center
Join us for a reception, screening and conversation with one of our Rite of Spring at 100 artists, director Prashant Bhargava. Following a brief reception and 7pm screening of his film PATANG, he will discuss the inspiration behind the film as well as the process of making RADHE RADHE: Rites of Holi. The new film will make its world premiere the following night at UNC’s Memorial Hall with Vijay Iyer and International Contemporary Ensemble. FREE and open to the public.


Program Notes LIVE: Reconstructing The Rite: Ritual Motifs

with Millicent Hodson, dance historian and choreographer,
and Kenneth Archer, art historian and scenic consultant

6:30 pm | March 24
Historic Playmakers Theatre
A dance and design team based in London, Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer are known internationally for their reconstructions of lost ballet masterpieces from the early 20th century. Join Carolina Performing Arts before the Joffrey Ballet?s performance for a conversation with Hodson and Archer, as they discuss their reconstruction of Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring). This lecture is one of two in a series on Reconstructing The Rite. Each will offer great insight as a stand-alone event, however each evening will offer unique content.

This second presentation will include a closer examination of the reconstruction. Archer will emphasize the ritual motifs on the costumes, and Hodson will demonstrate the way in which Nijinsky animated the ritual motifs in both acts of the ballet.

This event is made possible by the generous support of the Douglass Hunt Lecture Series of the Carolina Seminars, supported by the Massey-Weatherspoon Fund.

Program Notes LIVE: Reconstructing The Rite: Dance and Design

with Millicent Hodson, dance historian and choreographer,
and Kenneth Archer, art historian and scenic consultant

7pm | March 23
Historic Playmakers Theatre
A dance and design team based in London, Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer are known internationally for their reconstructions of lost ballet masterpieces from the early 20th century. Join Carolina Performing Arts before the Joffrey Ballet?s performance for a conversation with Hodson and Archer, as they discuss their reconstruction of Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring). This lecture is one of two in a series on Reconstructing The Rite. Each will offer great insight as a stand-alone event; however each evening will offer unique content.

In this first presentation, Kenneth Archer will focus on Act I, featuring Nicholas Roerich’s decor as well as costumes. Millicent Hodson will discuss and demonstrate Nijinsky’s choreography through video extracts from both acts.

This event is made possible by the generous support of the Douglass Hunt Lecture Series of the Carolina Seminars, supported by the Massey-Weatherspoon Fund.

The Process Series: If My Feet Have Lost the Ground

by Torry Bend

7:30pm | March 20-21
Historic Playmakers Theatre
In collaboration with Raquel Salvatella De Prada, Jeanette Yew and Sarah Krainin. Flight is unnatural to the human body. We miraculously defy evolution and step onto planes that travel across the world without incident. This puppet show will tackle this charged environment and the stories that are born or processed in it: a visual investigation of the human relationship to earth and sky.

Program Notes LIVE: Stephen Anderson on Kurt Elling

with Stephen Anderson

6:30pm | March 20
Gerrard Hall
Join us for Program Notes LIVE before the concert with jazz vocalist Kurt Elling for a talk led by UNC music professor and jazz pianist Stephen Anderson, and NC Jazz Repertory Orchestra vocalist Kathy Gelb. They’ll discuss singers as interpreters of jazz, perform a couple brief numbers, and demonstrate jazz vocalist skatting techniques. The talk is FREE and open to the public.

Program Notes LIVE: David Garcia on Cuban Jazz

with David Garcia

7 pm | February 22
Gerrard Hall
Join us at Program Notes LIVE prior to the Dafnis Prieto Sextet performance for a lecture and demonstration from UNC music professor David Garcia.  Garcia is the musical director and arranger for UNC?s Charanga Carolina which specializes in Cuban danzón and salsa from New York City. FREE and open to the public.

The Process Series: F to M to Octopus

by Sam Peterson

8pm | February 15-16
Swain Hall – Studio Six Theater
A UNC student selection, featuring work by digital media designer Jared Mezzocchi. Sam Peterson presents a surprising look at the process of changing gender. Peterson?s unique humor and perspective take us on a remarkable journey fraught with obstacles both imagined and real.

Program Notes LIVE: Introduction to Jazz

with Jim Ketch, music director North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra, and musicians

6:30pm | February 10
Gerrard Hall
Join us for Program Notes LIVE at 6:30 on February 10, prior to the Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis performance for a lecture and demonstration on what to listen for, when to clap, what to expect and other basics on listening to and enjoying Jazz. Led by Jim Ketch, this event is sure to broaden your musical knowledge and enhance your enjoyment of the Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis concert. FREE and open to the public.

A Rite Post Performance Discussion

with Anne Bogart, Bill T. Jones, Janet Wong and companies

After the premiere | January 25
Memorial Hall
Immediately following the world premiere of A Rite, join creators Anne Bogart, Bill T. Jones and Janet Wong, company members and designers for a post show discussion. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear from the artists immediately following the first performance of A Rite!

Preview Performance and Discussion

with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, SITI Company, and Anne Bogart

6-8pm | January 24
Memorial Hall
The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, SITI Company, and Anne Bogart invite members of the public to join them for a dress rehearsal prior to the World Premiere of A Rite. This preview will be an opportunity for the artists to engage directly with their audience, ask questions and take criticism, and adjust elements of their performance based on audience feedback. Ideally, participants in the preview performance will hold a ticket to either the Friday or Saturday performance.

Viewpoints Masterclass with SITI Company

10:30-11am | January 24
Woollen Gymnasium B017
Members of the SITI Company give a Masterclass to UNC dance students based on Anne Bogart’s groundbreaking Viewpoints composition technique.

“Concept to Curtain” Discussion with Bill T. Jones and Anne Bogart

7-8pm | January 17
Ackland Art Museum
Join world-renowned choreographers Bill T. Jones and Anne Bogart in a symposium-style discussion as part of Carolina Performing Arts’ Ackland Series. Together with Emil Kang, Mr. Jones and Ms. Bogart will discuss the concept of their world premiere, A Rite; their creative process and UNC residency; and what they hope to see in the first performance of their collaborative work at Memorial Hall. Admission is free and open to the public.

Dance Masterclass with Janet Wong

10:30-11am | January 15
Woollen Gymnasium B017
Choreographer and Associate Artistic Director Janet Wong leads a Masterclass to UNC dance students in Woollen Gym.

Natalia Goncharova’s Mystical Images of War

Oct. 26, 2012 – Jan. 6, 2013
Ackland Art Museum
The Ackland Art Museum will exhibit Natalia Goncharova?s Mystical Images of War, a powerful portfolio of 14 lithographs published in Moscow during the year after The Rite of Spring premiered. With their fascinating combination of primitivism and modernity, and of violence and redemption, Goncharova?s hybrid images combine many of the features that characterized Stravinsky?s radical piece. One of the seminal figures in the Russian avant-garde, Goncharova herself achieved great renown for her 1914 designs for the Ballets Russes? Paris production of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov?s Le Coq d?Or.

Discovering Latin-American Music

with Charanga Carolina

6pm | November 27
Gerrard Hall
UNC professor David Garcia leads Charanga Carolina, a UNC-based Cuban music ensemble, in a demonstration of rhythmic and melodic instrumentation from salsa, Cuban son, and other Latin music forms.

Exploring Period Instruments

with Sir John Eliot Gardiner and musicians

6:15pm | November 14
Gerrard Hall
Renowned conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner leads a preconcert talk and demonstration of musical instruments from the Classical era before the concert by Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique and the Monteverdi Choir.

Color and Sound in Modernist music

with Pierre Laurent Aimard, piano

After the concert | November 11
Memorial Hall
After his performance, Pierre-Laurent Aimard will lead a brief conversation with illustrations from the piano. The talk will focus on Claude Debussy?s exploration of color and sound within the context of the Modernist period.

The Process Series: The Life and Times of Chang and Eng

by Philip Kan Gotanda

8pm | November 9-10
Gerrard Hall
Master playwright Philip Kan Gotanda reworks one of his newest and epic plays, about the original Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker, whose early lives were spent as a touring ?freak? exhibition. In cooperation with the First Year Seminars program and the Department of English, with additional support from the Teatro Latina/o Series

The Process Series: The Mexican, as Told By Us Mexicans

by Ricardo A. Bracho and Virginia Grise

8pm | October 12-13
Historic Playmakers Theatre
A queer theatrical retelling of Jack London’s short story The Mexican. In cooperation with the Teatro Latina/o Series.

The Process Series: Way Down East

by Stephen Vitiello, Hanes Visiting Artist

8pm | October 5-6
Gerrard Hall
Sound artist Stephen Vitiello creates a new soundtrack for the final sequence of D.W. Griffith?s silent masterpiece Way Down East. This work-in-progress incorporates recent field and source recordings including bells from a historic cathedral outside of Cork, Ireland, summer bugs and autumn light.