Craig Walsh

1971 is a free outdoor installation open to the public nightly at dusk September 7 – September 29 in locations around UNC and Chapel Hill. Check back here for updates on where to find it!

The 19th Amendment—which opened the door for many women to vote—was not ratified in North Carolina until 1971. In 1971, the inaugural outdoor art installation by Carolina Performing Arts, large-scale projections will pay homage to women who have blazed a trail in the work for voting rights in our state.

Part of acclaimed Australian projection artist Craig Walsh’s Monuments series, subjects were chosen by a curatorial panel representing the Carolina Women’s Center, UNC Department of History, and the Southern Oral History Program.

Craig Walsh has become widely known for his pioneering works including innovative approaches to projection mapping in unconventional sites. His site-responsive works have animated natural environments and features such as trees, rivers and mountains, as well as public art projects in urban and architectural space. He is also renowned for his site interventions at live events, including iconic works at music festivals across Australia and internationally.