A Staged Reading of The Hour of Feeling

written by Mona Mansour
directed by Jerry Ruiz

 In 1967, as the map of the Middle East is about to be redrawn, Adham, a promising young Palestinian scholar specializing in English poetry, sets off to London with his new wife Abir to deliver a potentially career-changing lecture on Wordsworth. He’s eager to make a splash and leave his homeland behind, while she still feels bound to fulfill her responsibilities to family and tradition. When violence erupts back home, the young couple’s marriage is seriously tested, and Adham struggles to reconcile his ambitions with the pull of family and home.

PRCatCPA is a collaboration between Carolina Performing Arts and PlayMakers Repertory Company.  PRCatCPA presents two readings of plays that depict the tension between the sacred and the secular in contemporary Muslim life. The protagonists in these plays are torn between their cultural and religious heritage and the demands of modernity and assimilation. Their stories give us an entry into the complexities of navigating day-to-day life amidst a rapidly changing cultural landscape. Each reading will be followed by a discussion led by PlayMakers Repertory Company’s Producing Artistic Director Vivienne Benesch and the creative team.

16-17 Sufi Web Link