HOME created by Geoff Sobelle

Tags/Genres Theater

“A wholly unique blend of concept, stagecraft, movement, music, and visual storytelling that gives fast-moving form to the ways, large and small, in which a house becomes a home.”
Boston Globe

Where is home? If home is not a place, what is it? In HOME, a house is conjured onstage as if from nothing. Residents move in, move out, get evicted, burn it down, loot it, rent it, remodel it, get married, get divorced, age, die in it, and haunt it–all in a dreamlike blending of space and time. A grand spectacle of stagecraft, this masterpiece from award-winning physical theater artist Geoff Sobelle brings together the mundane and the sublime for a spellbinding exploration of what makes a house a home.

Take a look at Geoff Sobelle’s artist statement as well as the creatives behind the scenes.

Tickets $27

Created by Geoff Sobelle
Scenic Design by Steven Dufala
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans
Original Songs by Elvis Perkins
Produced by Beth Morrison Projects