Overtone Series : Volume One featuring Roomful of Teeth with Claire Chase, Jennifer Curtis and Pauchi Sasaki

*Please note: As of 10/3, tickets are no longer available for web sales. Please purchase your ticket at the Forest Theatre on 10/5 – Cash Only

Overtone Series : Volume one

Roomful of Teeth with Claire Chase, Jennifer Curtis and Pauchi Sasaki
Please note: This performance will take place in Chapel Hill’s Forest Theatre

R e s u r g e n c e

In Collaboration with Carolina Performing Arts, the season opener of the Overtone Series invites the community to witness and meditate on the visceral nature of joy and loss. The robust Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth fills the expanse of Forest Theater in concert, giving voice to North Carolina native Caroline Shaw’s Partita, a Pulitzer winning work that seethes with exuberance. They also offer Brad Wells’ “Render,” a meditation on life’s unraveling and ephemeral nature. The commitment of the Overtone Series to a new experience of music performance, commission and collaboration simmers through the evening, as violinist and artistic director Jennifer Curtis is joined by MacArthur Fellow Claire Chase on flute for the world premiere of a Carla Kihlstedt composition that wrestles with dreams that come eerily and devastatingly true, visions that simultaneously unsettle life while insisting on life’s forces. Situated in Chapel Hill’s most intimate alcove, audience members can also expect to hear virtuosic explorations of the environment through the hands, instruments, and technologies of violinist Pauchi Sasaki as well as selections from Chase’s latest musical adventure, Density 2036.

Overtone Series is co-curated by Andrea Bohlman and Jennifer Curtis




Performance Notes:

There will be tickets for sale at the Forest Theatre on October 4 – CASH ONLY

Performance Run Time: ~120 minutes