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“You?d have to be a little dead inside not to get a visceral thrill from sitting in front of a dancer who takes a 25-foot swan dive and lands ? face first ? on a mat inches from your feet.”
– The New York

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Action Events:

Shake / Hit / Crash / Slice /Fall /Rotate


Fly / Escape / Writhe / Bound / Tumult / Rocket


In the theater of flight, big ideas, big hardware, big hearts and big muscles come together in a big show for the whole family.

Arts@TheCoreSTREB Extreme Action has been seen on everything from ABC Nightly News and the David Letterman Show to Nickelodeon and MTV. Conquering fear and pushing the boundaries of physical limitations are at the heart of choreographer Elizabeth Streb?s work.

A MacArthur genius grant recipient, Streb is an ?extreme action architect? with an eight-member company of ?action heroes.? Together, they combine daredevil antics, rapid movement and imaginative machines to produce a thrilling display of larger-than-life feats.

They performed a series of pop-up performances around London during the Games of the XXX Olympiad. In FORCES!, Elizabeth Streb and her Extreme Action Company, with associate direction from Robert Woodruff, give a voice and story to action.

The presentation of STREB – FORCES! is made possible by the MetLife Community Connections Fund of the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project. Major support for NDP is also provided bythe Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Food Trucks in Front of Memorial Hall

We are pleased to announce a partnership with local area food trucks for the remainder of the 13/14 season. Featuring different vendors for each evening, food trucks will be outside of Memorial Hall at least one hour before the start of the performance.
The food truck for Mar 18 is Chirba Chirba
The food truck for Mar 19 is American Meltdown

American Meltdown download