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Gifts of Stock

Your bank or broker may transfer stock to UNC’s brokerage account with the information below.

Brokerage:                  Wells Fargo Advisors
Account Name:          The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Account Number:     89994225
DTC Number:             0141
Contact:                       Debra Juliano or Todd L. Rust at 919.969.4845

We will use the date that the shares enter our account as the gift date and credit you with the average market value on that date.

In addition to notifying Susin Seow at 919.843.3307 or of your stock gift, it is important that the bank or broker contact Candace Clark at 919.962.3967 or  Shares are often transferred into UNC’s account without a donor’s name.  The phone call or e-mail will enable the University to easily match your name with the correct stock gift.