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An Intro to Philip Glass by Alex Ross

When Philip Glass was studying at the University of Chicago, in the nineteen-fifties, he formed a music-listening club with several friends, one of whom was the future astronomer Carl Sagan. As Glass relates in his recent memoir, Words Without Music, the group made a particular study… Read More >

Coming Home, Giving Broadly

Sharon and Doug Rothwell
Coming home, giving broadly

By Gini Hamilton
They say you can’t go home again, but dedicated Tar Heels Sharon and Doug Rothwell are proving that to be a false assumption.

Sharon, originally from Dunn, North Carolina, and Doug, originally from Philadelphia, met on… Read More >

San Francisco Symphony Cancels Planned Concerts in Chapel Hill, NC Due to State’s House Bill 2

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Symphony (SFS) today announced the cancellation of two planned performances in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, April 5–6, 2017 in response to that state’s House Bill 2 (HB2), a law which overturned protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender… Read More >

Connecting Chapel Hill to China

Like many of her music faculty colleagues, Clara Yang divides her time between the classroom and the stage. The UNC Associate Professor of Music balances the demands of teaching a full piano studio and advising students with her own impressive musical career as a guest artist and soloist. “As a… Read More >

A Reflection on The House is Black by Holly Bullis

“One can be like a wind-up doll and look at the world with eyes of glass, one can lie for years in lace and tinsel a body stuffed with straw inside a felt-lined box, at every lustful touch for no reason at all one can give out a cry “Ah,… Read More >

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