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Belfast Festival: Mariinsky Orchestra

Originally posted on Culture Northern Ireland. Click here to view the original article.
‘You just shouldn’t miss a Gergiev concert. Something special will definitely happen and you have to be there to experience it.’
By Philip Hammond
In relation to most European capital… Read More >

Mariinsky Performs at CSUN: Lucky Northridge

The strings are silken, luxuriant, burnished, unified. The horns, woodwinds and percussion seem played by a single hand.
By Rip Rense
October 20, 2011
Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, Boba Tea, Hookah Smoke Shop, Papa John’s Pizza, Thai Chili House, Cupid’s Hot Dogs and… the Mariinksy Theater… Read More >

Prom 42: Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre/Gergiev

George Hall
The Guardian, Tuesday 16 August 2011
Following the Mariinsky Ballet’s season at the Royal Opera House, the company’s orchestra sidled over to Kensington to perform one of the highlights of its Covent Garden programme at the Proms – minus the dancers. It’s a procedure… Read More >

Basil Twist: A Genius, With Many A String Attached

Basil Twist has been called a genius. The art he’s a genius at? Puppetry — which he knows can be a hard sell.
“It’s not of this time,” he says. “It’s not of the world we live in now.”
But Twist, a highly trained practitioner, brings this art of the past to… Read More >

Orchestra of St. Luke’s to play on Staten Island on Saturday

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Orchestra of St. Luke’s, one of the city’s celebrated classical ensembles, may have solved problem of attracting new audiences.
The strategy is: Give people a taste for free, attach a worthy cause to the concert, and offer homemade ice-cream sandwiches… Read More >