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Throughout history, artists of all kinds have played pivotal roles in when it comes defining what it means to be an active citizen in your community. In times of upheaval, change, or oppression, artists give breath to what one might not know how to—or be afraid to—say. Through their work, they… Read More >

From Surgeon to Satirist

18-19 Bassem Profile

BY Dan Ruccia
“You are a natural,” Jon Stewart raved after Bassem Youssef’s first appearance on The Daily Show. “I know you might find this weird, and that you made a leap of faith switching your career to be a satirist, but you will soon discover that you are made for this. You are not… Read More >

You Are a Maker

18-19 You Are a Maker

“I’m not creative.”
Chances are you’ve heard someone say this before. Maybe you’ve even uttered those words yourself. But creativity means many different things, and it can strike anyone, anywhere. Maybe inspiration struck you standing in front of the pantry wondering how to get dinner on… Read More >

Artist Profile: Flutronix

18-19 Flutronix_Blog Post

Artist Profile: Flutronix
By Dan Ruccia
“In our first year of being Flutronix, we didn’t play any concerts,” Nathalie Joachim recalls. “We had to figure out what to play. Before we came around, there wasn’t a lot of music for two flutes and electronics.” Flutronix, the duo of Joachim… Read More >

Breaking down this season’s theme: You Are Everything

18-19 July Newsletter Header

You are everything. Maybe you’ve seen these words on our 18/19 brochure cover, or splashed across the front of Memorial Hall as you were driving by, and wondered “What exactly does that mean?”
Here at Carolina Performing Arts, we’ve been considering the phrase a lot. In fact, it’s… Read More >