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WWI Centenary Project

Between 1914 and 1918, the battlefields of Europe forever changed a generation of artists. Modernist abstraction was refigured in the trenches, musical languages recast on the Western front. Nearly every prominent composer, writer, and artist of the era took part in World War I, a conflict that… Read More >

CPA Executive Director Emil Kang on Curlew River

Dear Friends,

Arriving in Chapel Hill on November 6 & 7 is a performance that I have been looking forward to since its conception.
The 20th century English composer Benjamin Britten wrote Curlew River after watching a Noh theatre performance in Japan. Unmistakable in the music of Curlew River… Read More >

The Curlew River Review // ????? – The Guardian (UK)

By Erica Jeal
“What are those birds?” demands the Madwoman. In Britten’s “church parable” they are curlews – conjured up by a skittering, flutter-tongued flute – high above the land where she is looking for her lost son. But at this point, in this performance, they… Read More >

Spotlight On Curlew River

By Charlotte Jackson
Britten’s Curlew River seems to defy classification in more ways than one. Britten’s unexpected fusion of medieval English liturgical drama with contemporaneous Japanese Noh theatre of the 16th century is just the beginning. The music of Curlew River has been described as… Read More >

Spotlight on Gabriel Kahane

By Aaron Shackelford 
“I’ve never been to Los Angeles. To be honest, I never had an urge to visit that sprawling metropolis. Then I met Gabriel Kahane. It was the spring of 2013, and Gabe and I crisscrossed UNC’s campus as he discussed his vision for a new album that would explore the… Read More >