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Elizabeth Streb: the INDY interview

// Mar 13,2014

INDY Week sat down with choreographer Elizabeth Streb when she was last here with her company in 2010. Much of the interview focuses on Streb’s use of technology in her work. Below we’ve highlighted a fantastic quote from her about the connection between STREB and video games.

“…We are about live-time. Our magic exists in trying to make something physical happen in a live-time setting, in front of people’s eyes, with action.

I think that a lot of the gaming industry, the notion of the Game Boy, and all of that beautiful, complex almost ideology with using and harnessing the notion of avatars, is sort of like a second life. You’re really using your imagination, kind of dreaming that all of this is real though in fact it is not. And you’re participating.

We’re on stage, doing all these wild movements, and my goal, my joy is to figure out how to get the audience to actually feel that they have done at least some of those moves—to have them clench their muscles and have the real experience.

So, on some level, I have to concede that it’s not that different [than gaming], you know? Except I’m controlling the game they’re watching.

You can read the full interview here >>