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Six Fun Facts about Dunsinane

// Dec 1,2014


While you may be familiar with the charming National Theatre of Scotland after their two previous visits to Chapel Hill, you may not know all the details about their thrilling production arriving in January. Save these Dunsinane Fun Facts for some extra context, or to get your friends excited about the performance.

1. Dunsinane is written by David Greig, the multi award-winning Scottish playwright whose well- known works include the recent adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Midsummer, The Bacchae and the musical Glasgow Girls.

2. While not a direct sequel, the play takes up the story of events immediately after the end of Shakespeare?s Macbeth.

3. The show was originally created by the Royal Shakespeare Company and it is their production that is being presented by the National Theatre of Scotland.

4. The show is traditionally staged and the cast are in period costume.

5. The production contains live music, created by 3 musicians.

6. While the events of the play are historical, it was the writer?s intention that the action and events parallel those of modern day soldiers operating in a peace-keeping capacity in unsettled and dangerous areas such as Iraq and  Afghanistan.